I stumbled across TwitNERD.  It helped me view all those Twitter accounts that aren’t following me and allowed me to single out some to unfollow quickly and easily. A little social media housekeeping was in order!

Now I follow people who:

  • Have great content which I, in turn, like to share with our followers.
  • Are local businesses I like to support.
  • Are people that support and interact with me.
  • Enjoy following – because they are fun!

So … I understand that all those I follow, will not all follow me back.  Some are Social Media Influencers & Gurus! Others are companies with products/services I’m interested in and others (dare I say it) may be deemed competitors.

But over time, you find that some of the accounts you followed are no longer relevant. Your home feed gets clogged up with posts you simply aren’t interested in. So I embarked on an unfollow exercise. After trying a couple of tools available (some of which were very slow to load) I stumbled across TwitNERD.

Right at the top of the webpage was:


Nice and easy! Signed in with Twitter and up came the list of all those not following us back. They displayed in blocks of 80 and were quick to load. It detailed Bio (useful reminder as to why we may have followed them in the first place) and their latest tweet. By clicking the Avatar, the tweet feed opened in another window. Allowing a quick scan and review.

Now remember, some we follow quite simply won’t be following us back – that’s OK. We wanted to target those that were no longer relevant to us – to have a good tidy up.

TwitNERD highlights those that are unlikely to follow you back by using a red text colour.

Vivid Violet Blog TwitNerd3

After spending a merry few minutes of simply clicking on the profile and turning it ‘blue’ and ‘unfollow’ at the bottom of the page,  the numbers we followed were slightly diminished. Maybe by not as many as we would have thought, but things felt a little tidier.

Now, the last tweet on their Twitter feed @twitNERDapps was 14 July 2014. So it seems that perhaps this tool is no longer being maintained. But it worked well for us. There are other similar tools and undoubtedly we will continue to investigate and try other methods to manage our Twitter account.

Plus … if you are intrigued as to who last unfollowed you, thats available on the ‘Profile’ page!

Which ones do you use to manage your Twitter account and why?

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