Should you schedule Social Media?

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Should you schedule Social Media? I believe in Quality, not Quantity! Although it may be argued that a large number of followers gets you exposure, but …

  • Is it the right exposure?
  • Are they your target market?
  • Do you gain something from following them back?

Having created a Social Media strategy, scheduling helps me focus on my long term goals – my ‘message’ and the sharing of information, for a particular day / week / month etc.

I allocate a block of time to plan and schedule my posts in line with that and, it seems to work well.  But I still enjoy interacting on a personal level, so this approach is backed up with ‘off-the-cuff’ posts when I see what’s trending or something that I want to react to quickly or create a conversation.

Getting the balance right is an ongoing process, but then if you’re not trying, you’re not doing anything at all!!

A friend of mine enjoys the quick, of the moment, reactions on Twitter; and is relatively successful with that approach.  I question though, whether it leaves some of his ‘followers’ wanting, as once gripped by a great tweet they can go days with no further interaction.

Automated responses are my worse nightmare – why? I guess it helps with the management of large numbers of followers, but its so un-personal.

RobotThere is no quick fix with creating a Social Media following.  I am present on all the main platforms, but have chosen to be more active on Facebook and Twitter, than any other. This will probably change as platforms gain in popularity and new ones are launched. I am busy with other people’s Social Media and often neglect my own – that’s again where scheduling helps keep me ‘live’!

I like asking questions, causing debate – do you schedule your Social Media, how effective do you find it? What about automation – like or dislike?

One thing to consider is, does it REALLY MATTER? I mean, really? How many people are as focussed on your Social Media as you – no one.  So when promoting your business – try new methods, experiment, re-post existing material, ask questions, try video versus images …


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