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8 steps to a great Bio!

Most social media platforms have a Bio (Biography) attached to each account. When using it for business it’s important to complete each one fully. Why? To get the most out of your Bio: Research and use appropriate #hashtags. Be clear on what your products or services are. State your location; this is important for local[…]

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7 ways to maximise Facebook for Business

How can you maximise Facebook for your Business in 7 easy steps? Most people use social media in their free time so want it to be fun, short and informative. Facebook is the most popular platform and could provide your company with its biggest fan base. Consider your company and brand personality. When writing your[…]

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Who looks after your Social Media?

Wondering who should take responsibility for your Social Media? Although the platforms are predominately free, the cost and time involved in updating timelines, entering into / creating conversations and promoting the brand shouldn’t be ignored. Once platforms are targeted then the question arises: Should we out-source this function? Internal staff may not always be best placed[…]

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Should you schedule Social Media?

      Should you schedule Social Media? I believe in Quality, not Quantity! Although it may be argued that a large number of followers gets you exposure, but … Is it the right exposure? Are they your target market? Do you gain something from following them back? Having created a Social Media strategy, scheduling helps[…]


Virtual Assistant: Need Help?

Ever considered a Virtual Assistant? I step in during busy times or to cover holiday, sickness and other absences. Summer-time comes around so quickly … here it is again! With the added challenges of today’s busy working environment, holiday absences are additional pressures. So if you are looking to fill a gap in your workforce over this[…]


Is your Blog writing becoming a chore?

I was quite shocked when I realised how long ago it was since my last Blog post. So I am putting that right, ‘write’ now! Its not that I don’t enjoy writing I do, but I get busy with other people’s social media and websites and, somehow, updating my Blog just gets pushed to the bottom of[…]