My First Blog

This is my first blog (so I shall keep it short).

But Vivid Violet My first blog… well is it? With over 25 years in business I have communicated on many levels, albeit not so publicly. But
social media has introduced a whole new advent of communication.

It is expected that companies should share information across a number of different platforms, as the diversity of their markets and audience also embrace the various means of communication.


But careful consideration should be made when selecting the appropriate platforms. First questions to ask are …

  • Who are our customers?
  • Where do they ‘hang out’?

Over 75% of adults browse the web daily.  They are not only banking, shopping, booking holidays … they are also ‘socialising’.  Companies are using social media to share, inform and sell. Not only, if done correctly, does it bring added revenue to a business, it also increases brand awareness and loyalty. Customer service improves as a more public and immediate response is given.

Vivid Violet Have to use Social Media

So, there is no excuse not to use Social Media! If you don’t, you’ll fall behind those that do. By increasing activity around your company, website and social media platforms, you increase your SEO … so time to start!


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