Is your Blog writing becoming a chore?

I was quite shocked when I realised how long ago it was since my last Blog post. So I am putting that right, ‘write’ now!

Its not that I don’t enjoy writing I do, but I get busy with other people’s social media and websites and, somehow, updating my Blog just gets pushed to the bottom of the “To Do” List. That was until I came across an article by We are Social; it had some great statistics on the size of our ‘digital world’.  ‘Wow’ I thought … ‘there are so many opportunities out there’ … its certainly time to grab them!

As a Freelancer, Social Media fan and someone who creates WordPress websites, I love the world of digital media. But putting all that aside, the potential for marketing your business, its brand and creating an ‘online’ community is huge. There are 2.078 bn (yes billion!) active Social Media Accounts, up 12% on 2014, almost a third of the worlds population.  It certainly indicates that there is a huge opportunity to be had.  Large retailers in the UK are predicting a loss of jobs over the next 3 years, all due to the increase in e-commerce. So its definitely time to be pro-active and exploit your online presence to the max. Remember success on social media does not happen overnight, but with the right support and advice you can start making progress.

Its time to:

  • Formulate a plan.
  • Have a point of difference.
  • Be consistent and persistent with your posting.
  • Be selective with your social media platforms – which and what is best for your brand (don’t spread yourself too thin).
  • Integrate social media within your business. If you’re a local independent store, get the support from your community both online and public!
  • Also, have fun with social media. After all its called ‘social’ for a reason 🙂

If you want to discuss your social media potential, give me a call.




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