8 steps to a great Bio!

Most social media platforms have a Bio (Biography) attached to each account.

When using it for business it’s important to complete each one fully. Why?

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To get the most out of your Bio:

  1. Research and use appropriate #hashtags.
  2. Be clear on what your products or services are.
  3. State your location; this is important for local traffic.
  4. Add links to your Website and/or other social media platforms – tell your customers where else they can find out more information.
  5. Use your header image to visually grab attention; add text to your graphic (although keep this limited), to highlight the key benefits of your company.
  6. Create an avatar that is a clear icon, one that has impact when viewed as a small image and is directly associated with your company.
  7. Each platform should be underpinned with a common look and feel.
  8. Where possible use the same account @name, so it’s recognisable.

Vivid Violet SEO Bio blog

For example:

Facebook About section

  • Utilise the long and short descriptions to provide potential customers with greater information.
  • Include location and opening hours, they are important for your local trade.
  • Add alternative contacts including telephone and email.
  • List all Products and Services provided.

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