7 ways to maximise Facebook for Business

How can you maximise Facebook for your Business in 7 easy steps?

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Most people use social media in their free time so want it to be fun, short and informative. Facebook is the most popular platform and could provide your company with its biggest fan base.

  1. Consider your company and brand personality. When writing your post remember the image you wish to project.
  1. Be personable. Don’t be boring, remember you are conversing with people. Create content that is humorous. 70% say if a post makes them laugh they will share it. Take care not to be flippant or derogatory, simple humour will appeal to a wider audience.
  1. Find out what’s trending and current in your industry. It’s worth following industry influencers and trade organisations. To be an expert in your field you should have a well informed and balanced opinion. Share what is happening in your market or associated industries be informative.
  1. Images speak louder and faster than words. Use them! Video, Gif etc all capture a user’s attention first (see post on Image Free Sites for great content).
  1. Share inspirational “Quotes”.
  1. Use full length URLs as these have a higher click rate in Facebook.
  1. Engage to get feedback. Share content from your followers – this shows you’re interested in them and feel they are worth the attention. People loved to be acknowledged. They are more likely to share it back!

vivid violet FB Blog shareNote: Even though you have a 2000 character limit, shorter posts are read more, so it’s advisable not to push the limit.

Bonus Points!

  • Be authentic
  • Open
  • Consistent
  • Frequent


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